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To my followers, fans, and clients:


Recently, there have been allegations of misconduct against me that have put into question my character, intentions, and professionalism.  I do not wish to drag this out for anyone, play blame games, or defame anyone involved.  Although I contest completely the contents of these allegations, it has come to my attention that if I desire to continue doing what I love for a living, then I must re-enforce creating a safe, mutually respectful environment that I prioritize in every professional setting by reinvigorating my personal and business policies to prevent miscommunications or misunderstandings from happening again.


Mistakes are common for anyone trying to chase a dream and frequent change is good as it allows for growth and adaptation to an ever-evolving world.  So, it is not done with a heart heavy of negative feelings, but instead, with hope and determination that I will of my own accord be withdrawing from social media for the time being to 1) civilly seek resolution with those who have felt wronged, 2) address underlying liabilities and renegotiating personal relationships to ensure the ideal workspace I strive for, 3) revamp personal conduct policies in the workplace, and 4) anything else that will help safeguard the professional atmosphere I desire for my company's future.


Additionally, in regards to my company's future, I will be taking swift action to protect my intellectual property from defamatory and slanderous accusations made by any person(s) or groups. If anyone feels I am guilty of any wrongdoing, I ask you to provide legal statements via the proper legal avenues and say it in court, because anything else is just gossip.


Any and all other person(s) or groups that are found to be participating in the perpetuation of defamatory statements will be served with cease and desist orders in the upcoming days. I recommend researching the definition of the legal term Defamation of character and how it applies to personal legal liability in the state of California. 


With full respect to those who have shared their opinions and experiences of me, and with the awareness of the environmental attitude of intentional misconstruing of my words, I will not be sharing my side of the story publicly as that will just invite public scrutiny, and there is no way I can defend myself against an onslaught of public opinion.  


I refuse to play a game of mud throwing that drags everyone and anyone into matters that should have been kept between two parties.  Issues should be attempted to be addressed privately if it’s safe to do so.  If matters don’t get addressed or resolved and people are to become at risk, the community should have a right to know to get involved, and the victim has a right to speak out. That was not the case here, on any account. Otherwise, I encourage folks to make informed decisions with all angles accounted for. 


To my closest friends and clients who know me outside of the workplace, please feel free to message or email me.  I have no problem meeting with you answering any questions or concerns you may have. 


Lastly, oftentimes what is needed most is for someone to just take the time and really listen, without assumptions or expectations.  To listen and hear what the other person is saying and understand their feelings and how they might have been hurt by something we did or said. 


After much reflection and a detailed review of the corresponding interactions and evidence I have, I can confidently say that I did nothing wrong to anyone, but that’s not to say I didn't do something wrong.  My mistake was taking too many risks in my workplace and being far too comfortable which can lead to miscommunication. I opened myself up to liability both personal and social, but I am aware of this and am already taking swift and decisive action to correct it and hope to resolve any issues with anyone who may have felt wronged in the past. 


Thank you for reading and your support. I hope to see you all again soon. 


Whiskey Shotz

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